C3 Vanilla Build

at the farm
23 - 25 August 2024

Woodland Spa

Friday / Saturday / Sunday

The wandering spa provides a unique opportunity for festival-goers to create cherished memories with family and friends, as they indulge in relaxation, laughter and togetherness. Born out of a passion for both Festivals and the well ness benefits of Sauna, the wandering spa is a Nordic inspired, open-air wild spa that has been carefully curated to provide incredible experiences at Festivals and Events across the UK.

During your spa session, guests will nestle down into luxurious, steaming wood-fired hot tubs, the sound and aroma of the crackling fire transporting them to a state of bliss. Next, they can indulge in the soothing heat of our authentic Lithuanian sauna, deepening their sense of relaxation even further.

Our in-house sauna masters will guide them through rituals from different cultures around the world, using various techniques such as meditations, leaf
whisking, essential oil-infused steam and grounding to the earth. These sessions are so transformative and special, creating profound and unforgettable
experiences for all who get involved.

The cold drench bucket and ice tank provide a refreshing contrast to the warmth of the sauna, leaving them feeling invigorated and alive as they experience the extraordinary healing benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy. However they choose to interact with the spa, they will emerge feeling renewed, re-energised and ready for their next adventure around the festival.

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