Lucy Blue

Main Stage / Saturday
Lucy Blue

Following the release of her breath-taking debut single “See You Later”, Lucy Blue puts her hugely impressive first EP FISHBOWL out into the world. The project’s title draws on her all-too-relatable experiences leading up to this point; of feeling frustrated, impatient and “claustrophobic in your own head or where you live, when you really want to be doing things that stretch far outside of that”.

With mature observational lyrics about lost love, overwhelming angst and the lives of childhood friends – in a way not dissimilar to the early work of her cinematic idol Harmony Korine – Lucy’s ambitious, coming-of-age pop revels in the outsider spirit and vulnerability of being a teenager finding her way in the world.

Lucy is an incredibly visual person. For every song the Irish singer, songwriter and producer creates, she sees a space in which it exists. Sometimes it’s a room (a karaoke bar in Tokyo, her mum’s living room), sometimes a night-time bike ride, sometimes even an ominous dark place full of lily pads floating in water. With her soft Dublin accent the 19-year-old explains how these images take over as she writes her music; how they usually come right at the start, shaping the session and the resulting song completely. “It just helps me so much with music," Lucy says. "I need to tie what I'm hearing to an image. It helps my brain."

An almost entirely self-written and self-produced EP, Lucy taught herself how to use Logic in her mid-teens– out of necessity more than anything. “I got into it because I wanted to work on my music, and I didn’t have anyone else to do it with,” she says. “I love producing so much, I think it was as big of a creative outlet as writing was at that point.” The summer she reached 16 was a turning point for Lucy. “I would go to gigs and festivals and see the crowd screaming at the artist, and instead of enjoying it, I’d have this mindset of: I shouldn’t be here watching, I should be doing this.” Something switched, priorities shifted, and she dropped out of school – adamant that music was the only thing for her.

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