Alex James Orchestra

Main Stage / Sunday
Alex James Orchestra

Alex James Orchestra is a group of classical and pop musicians who came together initially to record film and television music for the Juice label.

Alex had never considered playing live with the 16 piece band until he was approached by Vanessa Fenton, a former principal dancer at The Royal Ballet who suggested Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony would make a banging dance tune if it was speeded up a bit.

This turned out to indeed be the case and the re-worked masterpiece was performed with the band and dancers from the Royal Opera House along with other Classical favourites at Big Feastival in 2019 along to much jumping up and down and massed singing.

Alex is looking forward to getting the band back together this Summer.

‘There are only three kinds of music: Great music, ok music and crap music and they exist in every genre.’ he says

'Classical music was the pop music of its day and anything that has lasted has lasted for one simple reason – because it’s great.’

‘So we play great music, basically. People will know 90% of the tunes as soon as they hear them – they’re all monsters. It works really well on the Sunday afternoon as a kind of 'all time legends' slot – ‘and now, for something completely different’ type thing. I can’t wait’.

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