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Festival Safety

Advice from the local Police:

Some important things to think about before you attend the festival 

  • Don't buy your ticket from a ticket tout, an unauthorised site or the secondary market – the tickets may be fake or void and you simply won't get in. 
  • Think about how you're going to get to the festival and decide the best way to travel for you - train/coach/car - book your ticket in advance If you're travelling by public transport make sure you get a return ticket - whilst you might be sad the festival is over you'll be really disappointed if you can't get home 
  • If you plan to travel by car make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and running well - you really don't want a breakdown on a festival site (or even en route or on the way home) it may prove to be very expensive! When celebrating your last night, moderate your alcohol intake and rest up - remember you will be driving the next day. 
  • If you take medication for any illnesses make sure you have enough to cover you for the duration that you will be away from home (and take it in its original packaging as proof it's for you - just in case) If you have a medical condition that might cause severe problems make sure your mates know what to do in an emergency and wear a medic-alert bracelet or necklace so that people know what to do in the event you lose consciousness 
  • Take enough money to get you through, we provide cash points onsite but they do attract queues. Always make sure you stash enough cash to get you home after the event. Try and keep your cash in smaller amounts in different places on your person, that way if the worst happens and you lose it you'll only lose some and won't be left totally without. 
  • Wet wipes are always very useful as are poly bags to keep dry clothes in when it's wet, and muddy or dirty clothes when you've done with them. 
  • Take a good sunscreen and sunglasses - don't forget that sunscreen whatever the weather forecast says - even an hour in the sun can give you sunburn. 
  • Take condoms/contraceptive pills/tampons as required. 
  • Take a towel - wash stuff - deodorant and toothbrush/toothpaste 
  • Don't bring anything to a festival that you can't afford to lose, If you do bring valuables either carry them with you.

Car Parking 

  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. Leave the glove box open and empty to show that there is nothing of value in there. 
  • Secure the doors and windows. 
  • Remember where you left the car. Many parking areas will be zoned, colour coded and well-marked to assist you in finding your vehicle.  

Pitching your tent 

  • Choose your location wisely Make sure you can recognise your bit of the site by fixed landmarks (like trees or poles) - you could also try decorating your tent with flags or paint. Do remember that things can look very different at night & when other tents have moved and other people have arrived and set up - it's amazing how your little bit of landscape can change when you're not looking! 
  • Split your money into various hiding places when you sleep. 
  • Don’t leave anything valuable in your tent during the day when you are not there. 
  • Get to know your neighbours, then you can keep an eye on each others' stuff If there are a few people in your camping party try setting tents up in a circle with the entrances facing one another. 

Looking out for you 

  • Try to eat at least one hot meal a day and drink enough non-alcoholic drinks, being dehydrated makes you more prone to feeling tired/irritable and having headaches - not what you want after spending a lot of money to attend!
  • There are FREE drinking water points in the arena and the campsite (near the toilets) clearly . It can't be over stressed - DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. If it's really hot, stay in the shade as much as possible, use sun-block and cover up exposed skin to prevent painful burning and sun stroke with its flu like systems. 
  • Do not feel pressured into drinking excessively. You know what your limit is and what you are comfortable with - don't let anyone make you feel you should be doing something you don't want to. What's okay for your mates might not be for you and vice versa - so never ever pressure someone into doing anything they would rather not. 
  • There have been a small number of cases of measles around the country and at other big events this year. Measles isn’t common these days because most of us are vaccinated, but young people who missed their MMR jab as children are vulnerable, especially if gathered in large numbers at an event.  If you think you have any of the recognised symptoms, please call your GP or NHS 111. If you suspect you may have symptoms onsite at the Big Feastival please notify or go to First Aid and follow directions of the onsite team’

In the Crowd 

  • A few ideas to keep you safe in mass crowd situations (or as safe as possible - no event can be completely risk free) 
  • Arrive at the venue in plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the setup and layout -check it out to see where the exits are, also check where the welfare services and medical services are located - where is the information area? 
  • Once you're in the venue check out where the emergency exits are and as you find the place you want to be for the concert make a mental note of the nearest exit to your party, preferably look for a different exit - NOT the main entry/exit because if there is a need to get out fast most people will make for the main one and the crowd there will be very intense. 
  • Make a decision with your mates as to where you will meet up or make contact if you get separated - either inside the venue if you just lose each other or outside the venue if something happens there - that way you all know what you will do and how you will make contact. 
  • Most people want to be near the front of the stage for their favourite acts – but don’t spoil the experience by forcing yourself into an already overcrowded situation. 
  • To avoid the crowd's inevitable rush to leave following a performance consider the possibility of leaving before the end of the show - you may miss the last number but you will get out much more easily. 

Be safe 

  • Stay in groups and be tolerant of people slowing you down. Just enjoy going with the flow. 
  • Festivals are busy places so don't be irritated by being pushed or someone stepping on your toes. 
  • Remember, alcohol or drugs can affect your ability to make safe judgements. 
  • Don’t forget to keep your mobile charged. Check it on a daily basis. There is a recharging facility onsite. 
  • If you have any concerns about your safety in the campsites, find a plot somewhere well-lit. Go near a fire tower, your nearest steward or the campsite management hub (near to the Campers Entrance to the arena).. 
  • Organise a meeting point with your friends where you will be three times a day (e.g. 2pm, 6pm and 1am) in case you get split up. 
  • If you are a victim of crime, contact on site police or festival security immediately. Report any incident, even near misses as soon as possible, you may save someone else! 

Your valuables 

  • Festivals do attract criminals who spend their summer touring the festivals and stealing from cars and tents, be aware of this and ensure you look after any valuables that you have to take with you. 
  • Keep a note of your banks emergency number so that you can call them if your cards are lost or stolen. 
  • Don't leave any valuables inside your tent when you are not there. Store your valuables well at night, maybe even sleep with them in your sleeping bag. 
  • Protect your phone. Key in *#06# and your IMEI number will be displayed. Make a note of this number and keep it safe so that if you lose your phone or if it is stolen you can contact your service provider to have the phone immobilised. 
  • Tag your keys with your phone number. Many sets of keys are found at festivals and this will allow you to be reunited with them. 
  • Mark your property and your tent with your name and postcode. This will significantly reduce the risk of things being stolen. 
  • To make life harder for thieves, leave your tent untidy so that there is no obvious bag to grab quickly. 
  • Bring only the cash cards you need.  
  • If you need medicines with you onsite, keep them with you.