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The Exchange


The Exchange is a brand new stage for 2019, focused on community and conversation.  The Exchange will host a series of talks and discussions with some very special guests over the festival weekend – watch this space for the full programme coming soon. 



- The Positive Planner: Create your own Mandala (11+ years advised)
- The Positive Planner: Mindful Sashiko stitching (14+ years advised)
- The Positive Planner: Writing for Wellbeing (11+ years advised)

Check out the information below to find out more about each workshop! 

Mindful Sashiko Stitching

Come and learn the art of Shashiko, a striking hand-sewing technique that originated in ancient Japan. In Japanese, its name means “little stabs”—a reference to the plain running stitch that makes up sashiko’s geometric, all-over patterns.

Sashiko is usually described as a kind of embroidery, used traditionally for mending but we will explore the mindfulness in stitching and go away with a beautiful coaster.

Create your own Mandala

Design your very own mandala and enjoy a mindful session to help reset your mind and ignite your creativity! 

The meaning of mandala comes from the Sanskrit meaning “circle.”  Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony.  By creating your own and starting the process you will find how drawing and use of colour can give you headspace and offer a way of processing thoughts. 

Writing for wellbeing 

Write your way to a more positive outlook on life! Ali and Finn will lead you through writing activities designed to encourage personal growth, increase mindfulness, release anxieties and aid emotional wellbeing. Whether seeking a little inner calm or to let go of past situations you will learn how to harness the power of free writing and feel the positive effects.


We're bringing bingo to The Big Feastival and we're ready to serve cheeky calls and disco balls. Join us for three rounds of 36 ball speed bingo. It’s fast, furious fun, with all the trademark excitement of Dabbers Social Bingo production. Great hosts, flashy prizes and LOTS of confetti.


During this talk, leading Thought Coach and Happy Days Founder Brandon Block will introduce you to the concept of Thinking Errors. By raising your awareness to these unhelpful thinking patterns is the first set to making lasting changes.

Brandon Block, leading Thought Coach, combines his practical understanding of human behaviour, with his skills in Smart Recovery and his knowledge of CBT to offer you a simple to use and easy to understand approach to break negative thinking patterns.


Join the team from local Forget Me Knots Florist and make your own gorgeous flower crown. Learn the art of making your own crown, enjoy a peaceful and therapeutic crafting experience, and leave with the perfect, handmade festival accessory!

How to be a Positive Influence with Jada Sezer and Tijana Tamburic

Join mental health advocate and plus sized model Jada Sezer and owner of Female Narratives Tijana Tamburic, as they discuss their own personal experiences with social media and explain the importance of using social platforms as a tool to action much needed social change.

Gabriel Sey: You’re useless to your Kids if you’re Sick

As a parent, putting your kids first is a natural instinct. What happens when that natural instinct has a noticeable negative effect on you mental and physical wellbeing? Join father and husband Gabriel Sey to explore the topic of how looking after yourself is one of the best ways to look after your children. 


In our busy lives, we often take on many roles or personas – the employee, the parent, the partner, the friend…the list goes on.  As a result, most of us try to take on more than we can physically or mentally cope with and in attempting to juggle multiple roles at once and satisfying all that goes along with them, we become detached from who we really are and who we wanted to be.

In this session, TALKRapid Transformational Therapist Sarah Pratt will start taking you back to ‘the you, you wanted to be’ to help you reconnect with yourself, understand how you can get out of your own way and put you back in charge of your life. Why? Because life isn’t just about doing, it’s about being and it all starts with you.


The team from the amazing Nourish App will be coming to The Exchange to bring you live workshops for a healthy dose of wellbeing across the weekend for Mothers and the whole family.


An interactive and practical self care workshop for Mums, Dads & Carers. We’ll be asking ‘what is self care?’, ‘why does it matter?’, ‘what gets in the way?’ ‘how can we break down those barriers?’. We’ll also demo practical tips and tools from The Nourish App that you can take home and integrate into your every day to help you find more balance, calm and joy in your hectic family & work life.


A fun and interactive workshop for all the family, including movement, breathing, essential oils, affirmations and mindfulness games. These tools from the Nourish App and beyond can help you to bring more calm to the chaos of family life.

The Nourish App is delighted to be a part of The Exchange for 2019, and four of the experts from the team (with ten kids between them!) are featuring over the weekend. Founder Sara Campin, happiness coach Olivia Horne, mindfulness expert Nikki Wilson and wellness coach Izzy Anderson will be sharing their tips and wisdom across two jam-packed workshops: 'Self Care for Parents' and 'Family Mindfulness'.


Danica spent years working in pharmacies and was going to be a Pharmacist but life took an unexpected turn, and she ended up studying Psychology instead, before becoming a training specialist, strengths coach and energy healer along the way.

Passionate about all natural approaches to medicine, health and food and the way we live, Danica believes that we can all thrive and flourish in our own health, and our lives, in ways that bring us health and happiness - and bring our beautiful planet health and happiness too, whether we are individuals, communities, businesses or humanity as a whole.

Danica interweaves her vision for a better world with wisdoms from psychology, strengths, neuroscience, spirituality, natural medicine alongside real life experiences that we have as human beings, and stories from the magical worlds of imagination like Star Wars and Harry Potter.


With over 8 years experience within the fashion industry, Lauren Jobling wants to make fashion accessible to people of all shapes and sizes, starting with self love.

In a technological world full of social media, everyone believes they have to look and feel a certain way, there’s so much pressure! Lauren wants to help people accept themselves and learn to love their bodies and their minds.

The body positivity affirmation card making workshop helps people combine their creativity with their strength and helps to harness their insecurities, twisting them in a positive way. During this workshop you will realise you’re not alone, you’ll get to be crafty and have the chance to have a word (or two) with yourself.

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