Zak Abel - The Big Feastival - 25th - 27th August 2017
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Zak Abel


Following Zak Abel's debut release, which saw multiple tracks reaching the higher echelons of Hype Machine, Zak has been hopping between sessions and sending tracks across the world to perfect his sophomore release. Tracks such as ‘Say Sumthin’ and ‘Beautiful Escape’ (Tom Misch featuring Zak Abel) demonstrate Zak’s huge vocal talent, putting his own distinct flair on beats created by his collaborators. Other tracks, such as ‘Running From Myself’ came about from days spent in Karma Kid’s bedroom, playing about with cowbells, spoons, and other percussion instruments to compliment Zak’s raw and soulful vocals.

Zak Abel is quickly becoming the musicians’ musician, as the diversity of these new tracks and amount of time and focus leading into OHOTF shows.